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A friend approached me for some help. He will graduate in the coming month with his doctorate in chiropractic. He is joining his father's already successful practice but realizes that there is a need for upgrades. Keeping up to date with their web practice is critical to continuing to keep up a full schedule in the long term. I will be helping with this endeavor.

The website is, by no definition, crap. By all appearances, it looks very functional. It has a simple visual design. It does have a responsive page. But there are things that need cleaning up. As I had a first meeting with the son, we came to agree that I would give some quick suggestion on things to change then :

  • Wireframes for some new layouts of pages

  • Info for some sites where they can make their site (This is not a great use of the IT guys time anymore)

  • Find some guides on taking new photo

  • Find guide for using scheduled social media posts

  • Find guides for writing some business blog posts

  • And otherwise, write up my guidelines for those things

I mostly want to help him work smart through these changes. A little guidance at this point, I feel, can contribute to result in a site that matches their passion for caring and will set them apart from their competition.

Here is an axure link that includes annotated wireframes of their current site and wireframes of what I would do. THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS.

#wireframe #Axure

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