Behavior and UX

I was recently asked how I used my behavioral research background in UX and struggled to answer the question because I had never really separate those two schools of thought.

A lot of what we are looking at in UX is behavior. How do people move through tasks? Where do they look for buttons?

I come in with a great understanding of how to lead people towards the desired end. I know how to look for the underlying motivations that help drive people to an action. We can't force people to behave a single way, but I have practiced how to anticipate where people are likely to deviate and where to set up those additional paths.

It also has given me an understand of how to look at the whole picture. There is a big world outside of the screen, and we have no idea what people are coming in with. Knowing how to get at more of those environmental elements, can add a lot understand of our users. For example, I live in Minnesota. It gets very cold which can affect how I might use a mobile phone. Or someone using the software as a major part of their daily working life as a much different approach than someone playing a game on their phone.

Actions speak louder than words. I have a natural urge to want to see if people if behavior the way they say.

Additionally, I have spent time thinking about how to skills will build toward the future. What will that behavior lead to or could connect with in the future? Will it have the same amount of success in 5 years?

It's not possible to correctly predict that what the world will be like in 5 years but if you don't think about it, you are ultimately leaving it to chance.


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