I'm constantly curious and energized by learning new things. At heart, I am a scientist who loves helping solve complex problems. I want to work with a diverse team that allows people to leverage the skills of and learn from each other.


In my free time, I like to drink on patios, hike, watch hockey, do yoga and knitting.


My spiritual age is closer to 75. I make amazing chocolate chip cookies. I can knit, and I make quilts. I almost exclusively watch TV shows that are in syndication. I don’t like staying up late, and I own a lot of sweaters.  


I have an obsessive behavior,  get very into activity. It's genetic, many of my family members have this problem. It makes me love learning. I always want to learn new things.


I love to travel. If you ask, I will tell you the places I have gone and then start talking about the food I ate there. Food is a motivator for me.

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